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What's on offer?

I've put my heart and soul into creating these packages that will support, serve and honour you in postpartum. My postpartum guide will show you exactly what's included, your investment and how to book me.

Packages include prenatal catch-ups where I'll get to know you and your partner or birth support person. Here we will chat about what the ideal postpartum looks like to you and how to create it, how to keep you fed and nourished after birth, preparing for breastfeeding, understanding the fourth trimester and life with a newborn, and boundaries. It is here that we will do the work to ensure you are ready for what comes next. You will also have access to my ever-growing library of pregnancy and postpartum books.

And of course the most important part of the package will be your postpartum visits where I will make you feel like the absolute QUEEN that you are! My care will be tailored to your needs but in the interests of a little sneak peek you can expect birth debriefing (cos we are probably going to have a lot to talk about), honouring your emotions and hormonal shift, loads of yummy and nutritious snacks, bath running, baby wearing so you can nap, walk or rest however you please. And so much more.

Steph, the Geelong Postpartum Doula preparing a relaxing footbath for one of her postpartum clients.

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