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I've had the privilege of working and learning alongside so many amazing women. Here a few nice things they had to say about me (awww shucks!)

Stacey, June 2021

Steph is great!! She listens with an open mind and gives great advice before and after birth that suits the situation. She makes Mums feel valued and worthy! And she’s funny.

Laura, March 2021


I’ve been meaning to message you for a while now and send all my love for having you alongside me in those early days (and the before and afters) postpartum. You helped make what was a highly anxious time in my life more bearable.


The no-brainer for me was knowing I had your support and encouragement at my fingertips from the moment I booked you till the end of my fourth trimester. I desperately needed that assurance from someone professional, yet on the same level as me. Thank you for all your insightful discussions in the lead up and checking in on me regularly, and getting me proactively seeking what I wanted to get out of my second birth.


It’s a strange feeling having someone completely only around to nourish and love me up when you’re so forgotten about when bubs enters the world. It really was like just having a bestie beside me that truly understood and validated all my feelings.


Keep being amazing Steph, you’re invaluable xox


Jess, Dec 2020

We cannot thank Steph enough for the support she offered postpartum. I had been following Steph on Instagram since my early days of pregnancy. I loved her content but hadn’t really thought about actually needing a doula. Then a couple weeks after the birth of my baby girl, my partner and I were beside ourselves with stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and didn’t know where to turn.


I remembered Steph’s page and frantically messaged her begging for help. She instantly replied and offered a one-off visit to give us a hand, along with a much-needed week of text support afterwards - what a godsend!


Steph came over with so many delicious treats; soup, chocolate balls, kombucha. But the most valuable things offered to us in our time of need was an extremely calming presence, lots of words of wisdom, and practical ways we could try and look after ourselves and each other postpartum. She reassured me that I was a good mum, she listened to me vent and cry with a non-judgemental ear, she looked after bub while I got a little bit of sleep, she wrote down advice so we could refer back to it (and we have!) whenever it was needed.


She made looking after ourselves whilst also giving baby what she needed seem more manageable and achievable. The week of texts after her visit was extremely helpful for me as well. Often I was at my wits end and just knowing she was at the other end of a message put my mind at ease. She was so quick to reply and I always felt like she understood where I was coming from and had a knack at talking me off the ledge.

What Steph offers is invaluable and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again.


Geelong postpartum doula Steph, smiling at the camera and holding a sleeping baby
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