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Plus Size Pregnancy

Get prepared with my course BMI is Bullshit

$119 (AUD)

Steph O’Brien, Geelong postpartum doula leaning against a tree. She is wearing a black dress and pink cardigan and is cradling her pregnant belly. She is smiling at the camera.

Pregnant? Plus size?


I got you boo.


My first experience of plus size pregnancy within the hospital system was nothing short of terrible.


 I changed hospitals because of the fatphobic treatment I received.

Second time around I was more prepared and informed and it was a much better experience.


Now I want to share my wisdom with you!

BMI is sexist, ableist and racist.


Sorry, I know that's quite blunt, but it's the truth.


Unfortunately many care providers still assess the health of women and birthing people based on Body Mass Index

(BMI) which is a diagnostic tool that is nearly 200 years-old and was created for the average white man.

Assessing health using BMI and not thoroughly understanding each individual’s unique lifestyle does such a disservice to plus size pregnant women. It creates unnecessary fear, coercion and potential unwanted interventions.

Anti-fat bias is rife within the hospital setting, especially during pregnancy.

But that doesn’t mean you deserve average care that makes you feel like shit.

You are a glorious, curvy, worthy babe and you should be treated as such!

What you will learn:​​

  • BMI explained: why it’s a bullshit measure of health

  • Anti-fat bias: The tests you'll be offered and what your options are

  • What the research says about fat women and birth outcomes

  • Questions to ask your care providers

  • How to cope with the emotional toll of fatphobic pregnancy care 

  • How to use the workshop info going forward

Steph O’Brien, Geelong postpartum doula standing behind a white fence. She is wearing a gingham style dress and is smiling and looking away from the camera.

Who is this plus size pregnancy course for?

This course is for you if you are pregnant, or thinking about becoming pregnant and live in a plus size body.


It’s also relevant for people who care for plus size pregnant women like doulas and midwives. If this sounds like you, it's so important that you understand what pregnancy is like for plus size people.


The course will help you feel more empowered to use your voice, more confident standing up for yourself, and you’ll be armed with all the right questions for your care provider to ensure you are receiving pregnancy care that is respectful of your wishes.

So who am I?


And why do I care so much that you have a positive experience?

I’m a postpartum doula, a mum of two, a fabulous fat woman, and I have supported numerous plus size women through pregnancy and postpartum.


I have first hand experience of the mind boggling fuckery that some hospitals and health care providers will put fat women through. And frankly, I’m sick of it.


Fat women deserve respectful care.


Fat women deserve to be treated with dignity.


Fat women should not be treated like a number on a scale.

Steph O’Brien, Geelong postpartum doula leaning against a white fence. She is wearing a white top and pink skirt and is smiling at the camera.

Kind words about the course

Womens circle facilitator Rachael Rose is wearing a floral dress and smiling. She is looking away from the camera.

I only wish I had the chance to watch it prior to my first pregnancy.

I am so glad that Steph has created BMI is Bullshit, Unfortunately like other women with higher BMI's, I experienced discrimination due to my weight, including it being suggested I have a caesarean, for no other reason than this.


At the time, I felt alone and unsupported. If I had watched this course, I would have gone into my pregnancy with the knowledge of what conversations might happen, why, and what the actual evidence says. 


The way Steph outlines the research in regards to testing in pregnancy, care provider choice, medical bias and fat phobia, and birth outcomes for plus sized women was informative and easy to process. BMI is Bullshit is reassuring and empowering, always reminding us that we have agency and shouldn't be disrespected due to what number is on the scale.

-Rachael Rose

Plus size pregnant mum Jess is smiling and looking at the camera. She has brown hair.

This exceeded my expectations and I feel able to advocate for myself 

I had a plus size birth with my first and while the birth itself was a positive experience the treatment I got early in my pregnancy was not ok.


I wanted to be sure, second time around, that I was empowered and had all the information at my finger tips to ensure that I was able to fight for the birth I deserve.

I am a factual, information based person, love me some statistics so I found these really useful throughout the course. Steph including some personal stories helped me realise that I am not alone, and I feel able to be prepared for a lot of different situations that may arise (and some did arise in my first pregnancy, so it was a good reminder).


I would recommend this course to any birthing person, especially plus sized people and also their care providers. If it is your first pregnancy this information is honestly vital, especially if having a physiological birth is important to you. I wish I had this course for my first pregnancy.


Love the inclusion of podcast and book recommendations (as a person who loves information and learning about all things affecting me, this was so helpful).


Just to add - the Spotify playlist slaps and I love the affirmation cards, thanks Steph!

-Jess White

I’ve worked my little (actually, big) butt off to condense a fuckload of information into this easy-to-digest course, so you don’t have to.

I’ve made it my mission to sift through the research and find the studies that are reliable and accurate, so you don’t have to.

I’ve created a list of questions you can ask your care provider/s to help you understand if they are the right for you, so you don’t have to.

The course also includes access to some printable body pozzie pregnancy and birth affirmations, and a bangin’ Spotify play list that will boost the eff out of your mood, carefully curated by moi!

Frequently asked questions

What is the format of the course?

BMI is Bullshit is a self paced course that includes seven pre-recorded video sessions that you can watch whenever it suits you. The total running time for the course is approximately 80 minutes. All videos include captions.

What’s included in the course?

Seven videos covering the topics: - Welcome and introduction to the workshop - BMI explained: why it’s a terrible measure of health. - Anti-fat bias: the tests you’ll be offered and what your options are - What the research says about fat women and birth outcomes - Questions to ask your care providers to ensure it’s the right care for you - How to cope with the emotional toll of fatphobic pregnancy care - How to use the info in the workshop going forward The workshop also includes printable birth and pregnancy affirmation cards, a link to a Spotify playlist, a reference list of the research used in the workshop, and a powerpoint presentation to complement the videos.

Is this a course about plus size birth?

No. While birth is mentioned in the context of the research, this is not a course that is focussed on birth, its only focus is on plus size pregnancy.

Who is the course for?

This course is for you if you are pregnant, or thinking about becoming pregnant and live in a plus size body. It’s also relevant for people who care for plus size pregnant women like doulas and midwives. This is an inclusive space so if you identify as queer, trans, or non-binary you are totally welcome here. I recognise that not everyone who gives birth identities as a woman, therefore I use terms like woman, birthing person/people throughout the course. However, the research component focuses solely on studies about cis-women.

Will the course include health/medical advice?

No medical or health advice will be given in this course. I am a mother, doula, and proud fat babe, but I am not a medical or health professional.

I’m plus size but I’m not pregnant yet, will this be relevant?

Yes! It’s never too early to start thinking about how you want to experience pregnancy. Not only will it be relevant, it’s a great opportunity to educate yourself ahead of time. You can also come back to the course when the time is right if you need a refresher.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the course?

Refunds are available in line with Australian Consumer Law ie if the course (product) is deemed faulty or the product is misrepresented.

How long will it take to complete?

The videos run for approximately 80 minutes, so a little bit less than movie-length.

I don’t think I have time for a course right now.

That’s ok, I get it, pregnancy is a busy time. I created the course with this in mind so it runs no longer than 90 minutes. You can even put your air pods in and listen to it like a podcast if that makes it easier for you to consume.

Will this guarantee my pregnancy will be stress free and joyful?

I wish I had a magic wand that I could wave and ensure that we all have positive experiences, unfortunately, I don’t. It is, however, a guarantee that you will be armed with lots of relevant information about plus size pregnancy and birth outcomes for plus size women.

Is it sounding like a big FAT yes!?

Your investment in the course is $119 AUD. Payment plans are available.

The course is self paced so you can take your sweet time to digest it all. The course runs for approximately 80 minutes. 

Knowledge is power, and this workshop will leave you feeling powerful AF! 

Geelong postpartum doula Steph is holding a newborn baby. She is wearing a black cardigan and smiling at the camera.

The Legal Stuff: All workshop participants are kindly reminded that the content presented during this program, including but not limited to course materials, lectures, presentations, and any associated intellectual property, is the exclusive property of Stephanie O’Brien and is protected by copyright and intellectual property laws. ​By purchasing this workshop, you agree not to copy, reproduce, distribute, or otherwise use any course content or materials for any purpose other than your personal educational enrichment. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of course materials, in part or in whole, is strictly prohibited and may result in legal action. ​Your attendance in this workshop does not grant you any rights or licenses to use, share, or reproduce the instructor's intellectual property, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes, without prior written consent from Stephanie O’Brien. ​Any questions or requests regarding the use of course materials or intellectual property should be directed to Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in respecting the intellectual property rights of the course instructor.

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