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Postpartum Planning Sessions

Learn how to confidently curate the postpartum you deserve.

Online, 1.5 hours, $220

A mum in a pink t-shirt, holding her baby on the couch during a postpartum session with Geelong doula Steph.

Do you want a supported, nourished and fucking epic postpartum?

Are you ready to learn about the importance of rest and how to get it?

Are you wondering how to build your village?

Do you want to understand the basics of breastfeeding ahead of time? 


...So you aren't left wondering what the hell is going on when you're in the thick of ginormous boobs and sore nipples.


Are you willing to put the pieces of support in place, even when it scares you?


Let's plan for your postpartum and say NO to the status quo of mothers feeling overwhelmed and isolated from "doing it all". 

Geelong postpartum doula Steph, smiling at the camera and holding a sleeping baby

I’ve done this postpartum thing twice now and I can honestly say it doesn’t have to be a terrifying, lonely experience.


I put so many strategies in place to ensure I was supported and I know that I can help you too.

I’m a qualified postpartum doula and have been working with women and birthing people to create their ideal postpartum experience both in-person and online since 2020.

Working with mothers to help them feel supported, cosy, and loved is my jam.   

I’ll make it my mission to take you from a place of ‘mmmm ok’ to ‘fuck yes!’ when it comes to getting the postpartum experience you deserve.




In your postpartum planning session I'll teach you about:

  • The Fourth Trimester and managing expectations (especially around baby sleep)

  • Boundaries, why you need them and how to have them respected.

  • Getting comfortable asking for help (something we all struggle with, but I've got some tips to make it feel less daunting).

Geelong doula, Steph in the kitchen preparing a nourishing meal for one of her postpartum clients.

Other things we can chat about...

  • How to boost oxytocin in those first few days and weeks (the hormone that supports breastfeeding and leaves you feeling relaxed and loved)

  • Ways to cope with sleep deprivation

  • Prioritising self care

  • Meal/snack prep hacks

  • Baby sleep and settling from a gentle parent perspective

A mockup of the Postpartum Workbook by Postpartum with Steph



You will also receive a printable-PDF of my 20+ page postpartum planning workbook, birth affirmations, colouring pages and some cute lil postpartum healing tips and recipes.

What other women say...

"I just wanted to thank you so much for our postpartum planning session and the generous and valuable content you graciously share.


My second daughter is eight-weeks-old today and this morning I told a friend "I'm really enjoying her". I NEVER thought I would be able to enjoy this postpartum time; rather we just had to get through it.


Yes, I'm tired. Yes, the days go forever. Yes, I've still done a fair bit of crying in the shower. But the preparation I did before bubs came along (thanks largely to you!) has given me the headspace and confidence to appreciate the good of this time, rather than wishing it away which is what I did with my first. I'm asking for what I need. I'm saying no to doing things and valuing my needs. I'm soaking up the contact naps. I'm setting my standards and my expectations low. And it's going really well." - Linden

A headshot of one of Steph's postpartum clients
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