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Postpartum Planning E-book

Steph O’Brien, Geelong postpartum doula is holding a newborn baby and looking down at the baby.

Let me introduce your postpartum planning bible!

You’ve peed on the stick, booked some birth classes, bought some onesies, a bassinet and a pram. What about what comes next? If you haven’t had a spare minute to think about planning for your postpartum, I get it!

Shit is busy for you right now growing that lil human, dealing with all of those “lovely” pregnancy things (why does no one talk about the shooting vulva pain!?), and trying to wrap your head around the fact that you have to birth this lovely little bundle at some point.

Don’t stress. This is why I created my e-book, Postpartum, With Steph. I have drawn from all of my postpartum doula knowledge to bring together all of the things you need to know, in an easy to digest format.

What's included

  • Creating a postpartum that says 'fuck you' to overwhelm and isolation

  • How to build your village (judgemental aunty Karen is not welcome here)

  • How to ask for help, and get what you need

  • Meal prep hacks (because no one needs 10 lasagnes)

  • Breastfeeding 101 (aka boobin like a boss!)

  • Realistic newborn sleep and the fourth trimester

  • Mindful first aid (how to keep the worries at bay)

  • Monthly planners 

  • Birth affirmations 

  • Baby wearing tips

AND SO MUCH MORE (said in the voice of a cheesy 1990s infomercial)

A sneak peek of the pages from the e-book. Geelong postpartum doula Steph is in the photos
Steph O’Brien, Geelong postpartum doula is sitting on a couch and smiling. She is wearing a pink cardigan and black pants.

This book is perfect if you’ve left shit to the last minute! Or if you’re super organised. We don't discriminate here!

It's going to help you get really clear on what you want in postpartum, how you want to be treated, who is welcome into your space and how they can help you, how to lighten the load from the mundane of cooking and cleaning, and just enjoy couch time and snuggles with your babe.

Whether you’re currently pregnant, six weeks postpartum or six months postpartum (or six years if I’m honest) you will find so much value in this book.

It’s fully printable so if you’re old school and want to put pen to paper you can, or you can fill out the required sections in PDF format too.

You can get your copy for $32 AND you’ll have it for a life time. Great if you need to refer back to when needed, or in subsequent pregnancies.



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