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The Mama Collective

A safe space for like-minded mamas to connect, share, learn and love.


Are you a mum and finding it hard to meet like-minded mums?
Do you face challenges in motherhood and feel like there is no one you can talk to?

Are you looking for a non-judgemental space to share your thoughts and feelings about the journey from maiden to mother?

Well, I might have something for you. Meet, The Mama Collective.


I'm all in!

What is it?

A safe space to connect with mothers who want to start putting themselves first so they can rock their role of ‘mum’ but also embrace their identity beyond motherhood.   

This space will be curated by me, Steph, I’m a postpartum doula, feminist and mum who wants to see other women thrive during their journey from maiden to mother. 

The aim of the collective is to create a space where women feel heard, witnessed, supported and loved. I’ll be there to offer a kind ear, and an open heart, whilst bringing my doula knowledge about postpartum and motherhood from a gentle parent perspective. 

I will also be sharing resources, articles, and podcasts to help you learn more about being a new mum, mum brain, mum guilt, and shedding the ‘mummy martyr’ narrative. 

This group is for you if you are pregnant or are already a mum from birth to 5 years.   

I'm ready let's go

What do you get?

  • Exclusive access to a supportive Facebook group that will hold you up, encourage and love you during the challenges, and celebrations of motherhood.

  • Weekly check-ins within the Facebook group from me, a qualified postpartum doula, mother and friend.

  • A monthly live group Zoom call where we can catch up over a cuppa, get to know each other better and chat through what’s coming up for you in motherhood right now. I will come wearing my doula hat (not literally lol!) so topics might include looking after yourself in postpartum, coping with sleep deprivation, finding your village and so much more. I also plan to have special guests come and join in on these calls from time to time. Calls will be recorded for replay if you can't make it on the day.

  • 5% discount for any in person postpartum packages booked with me while you are a member of the collective (when paying for package in full).

  • The opportunity to meet like-minded mums, connect online and potentially in-person too. 

$13 AUD per month


Cancel at any time. No contracts. No obligations. Woop!

Once you're signed up you will receive an email with a link to join the group. Keep an eye on your spam folder!

Join now!
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